skin benefits of glycerin

Wonderful Skin Benefits of Glycerin

Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is a moisturizing component naturally found in fats. The many important skin benefits of glycerin stems around the fact that it is one of the most effective dry-skin fighters. Glycerin is a humectant. This simply means that it hydrates the skin, keeping it supple, soft and well moisturized. It is great for wrinkle reduction and prevention, youthful skin appearance, dry skin, acne, skin infections and treats oily skin conditions as well.

Benefits of glycerin

Glycerin moisturizes the skin

Glycerin is as a very effective moisturizer. It not only moisturizes, but makes your skin absorb water from for continual suppleness. It reduces any dull or dry patch on the skin. This is effective for people with dry skin, imbalanced or even oily skin conditions. Glycerin gives keeps the skin in great condition during extreme hot or cold weather.

Smoothing out wrinkles

Ageing affects the skin in many ways. It causes dullness, wrinkles, redness, spots, irritation, and dryness with the inability to retain moisture. Glycerin is one compound that can reduce or even reverse the effects of ageing on the skin. Glycerin can make your face smooth, moisturized and reduced wrinkles as it fills in all the tiny cracks caused by dry, ageing skin.

Water balance maintenance

As a humectant, glycerin attracts water from air and helps it retain water in the skin. Skin benefits of glycerin goes a long way, when glycerin is applied to skin, it reduces the loss of water which occurs through evaporation. It maintains the water balance at a cellular level so the skin is always moisturized when used.

Skin benefits of glycerin: It Nourishes the Skin

Moisture is probable most beneficial to the skin when it comes to nourishment. Because of its skin moisturizing and nourishing properties, glycerin keeps the skin in a wonderful condition. Its regular use will help to keep your skin healthy, soft and fresh.

Glycerin makes the skin look healthier

Another great skin care benefit of glycerin is that it heals the skin and makes its appearance healthier. Glycerin acts as a natural remedy for fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections of the skin. Its use will make the healing process much faster. It is particularly good for those who suffer from psoriasis, chronic dry skin and eczema. With continual use of glycerin, you will see reduced flare ups of these conditions, less bruising and overall healthy looking skin.

Glycerin Protects Skin

One of the most important skin benefits of glycerin is that glycerin naturally increases the thickness of the skin while enhancing its barrier function. In a subtle way it guides harmful chemicals and irritants from the environment out and locks moisture and nourishment in.


If you are not sure which natural substance to add to your skin care routine, I would personally recommend glycerin. With all its skin care benefits and anti-ageing properties, this is a must have substance to add to your regimen.

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